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GI Plan

Not too much new to report. We did find banana milk. Of course, two days later, he refused to drink it.

Although he had a decent day today, AJ's still isn't eating/drinking well. Yesterday (after a morning of tears trying to get him to eat breakfast), I broke down and called his nutritionist at the GI clinic.

She called me back in the evening and we discussed AJ's sudden aversions to eating and drinking. We came to the conclusion that maybe he's not doing as bad as we think he is. Here are a few more things that we chatted about:

* I will keep a detailed, calorie specific input/output log of what AJ is eating, drinking, etc. for the next week. (I created a chart for each day -I'll post a picture soon). Next Monday, I will fax the log to her and call to discuss. I was actually thankful for taking math in school today-calculating calorie intake can be tricky.

* We have reduced his calorie intake from 1500/day to 1100-1500/day. Little more breathing room. Whew. When I told her he had eating 560 calories for breakfast the day before (by a miracle), she said he's probably getting full on those big meals. Well, what's a gal to do besides try and get 500 calories per meal in her kid? He's not too much of a snacker.

* 1/2 of any amount of applesauce, jello, ice cream, custard, & ramen noodles counts towards his liquid intake for the day. Example: 4oz of cinnamon applesauce = 2 oz liquid

* I shared several people's suggestions on what else he may like to drink. He loves bold flavors, so....The only drink she agreed with was the V8 Splashers.

* Minimum liquid intake per day: 24 oz Target liquid intake per day: 30 oz

AJ has a follow-up appointment at the GI Clinic in mid-February...I am praying we won't have to go in before that.

Today was a good day for AJ. He only had minor typical-two-year-old tantrums and ate decent. He even drank a substantial amount of liquids. My giggly boy returned and boy-was I glad to see him. We are crossing our fingers that this continues.

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