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Reflection: Part 1

The end of July will always hold a special place in our hearts. Its no wonder why I've had tears in my eyes for a few days already. With all that has gone on with AJ, we sometimes forget the the other journey AJ has been on...his journey of adoption.

Over the next week or so we'll share steps in our adoption, our pick-up trip, andv reflect on the last two years AJ has been home. We will celebrate his 2nd Gotcha Day on August 2nd.

Here is the announcement we sent out to everyone when we received AJ's referral. Funny thing, no one has ever called him Alex; he's always been AJ.

Today, Friday, September 15, 2006, at 2:38pm in the afternoon, we received the most important phone call of our lives. Our adoption agency called with the referral of our little Guatemalan miracle. “Check your email, we have a referral for you,” she said. A baby boy it read, {weight, birthdate, time of birth, place of birth}. He is happy and healthy. His birth name is Alejandro {last name, surname}.

With overflowing joy we introduce our baby boy. We love this picture-we like to think he’s smiling while dreaming of his new mommy and daddy.

Introducing….Alejandro Jas AKA “AJ” and “Alex" We now begin a new journey…… We will be able to visit him fairly soon. He is being very well cared for in a private home in Guatemala City. He will come home in a few months. Our case must run the course of Guatemalan courts and the United States Embassy in Guatemala before he can come home to us forever.

With Lots of Love, Jeremy, Heidi, and AJ

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