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48 Hours

I called our new primary insurance company this morning to ask a few questions. The most important: Did you receive the paperwork for AJ's cochlear implant surgery?

I learned that Children's Hospital of Wisconsin is considered in-network. YEAH! No more referrals for everything under the sun. I was told about our new deductible, out-of-pocket, and % of coverage. All good things. Again, I was told that the CI would be covered, as long as it was authorized. The rep offered to check and see if they had received the paperwork yet. Answer: No. BUT, that answer was followed by "Well, they do have 48 hours to give you an answer."

"Not 48 days?" I said. Wow. Could this really be? Light is beginning to glimmer...

It then occured to me that I was unaware of how exactly we were submitted (this particular time). I thanked the rep and told her I would call back tomorrow to check on our status again. I placed a call to our CI Program insurance person who told me we were faxed, not once, not twice, but three times. She stood by the fax machine to make sure it was received and she had written confirmation by the fax log. She stated she'd never had a turn-around as fast as 48 hours from our insurance company, but...she'd give them a week to get everything scanned into the system and to the appropriate person and then start calling them. I'm beginning to really like her.

We have already decided that we will be on the cancellation list. After therapy tomorrow I will head out to find button up clothes for our little man to wear post-surgery. And maybe an ace bandage so we can practice wrapping his head. Maybe we'll start an overnight bag as well...nothing wrong with being prepared.

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