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All Clear

AJ had ear tubes placed in both ears last October. In May the left was extracted. In September, the right was extracted. He is now tubeless :) It seems every time, and I mean every time, his audiologist looks at his ears it means another trip to either the pediatrician or his ENT. AJ has a wax problem . He also has super small ear canals. He never tymps very well and there always seems to be something blocking their view into his ear.

Of course this happened on Monday, at his 4th Booth Testing. Fluid would be bad right now. Did I say bad? It would hinder the CI process and slow us down. It might also mean his ENT would consider putting new tubes in his ears. Since AJ has speech/feeding therapy on Wednesdays, they got us in to see an NP at the ENT Clinic (just down the hall from where we are for therapy). Thankfully, his ears were all clear! No fluid!! Good news!

As if that wasn't trauma enough, we also took new ear mold impressions yesterday. His new ear molds for his hearing aids are ordered and should come in around a week. I chose red this time instead of clear. One, AJ's favorite color seems to be red so I figure when we say/sign "Its time to put your ears on" he'll see them better and this way we'll be able to tell if they are really fitting in his ears correctly. Oh, and when they fall out, they'll be easier to spot on the floor :)

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