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Just thought to take a moment and jot down AJ's gains in the last week or so:

+ Walking from object to object (example: box to ledge to couch) with a few steps between each object

+ Looked at OT for help when his fridge toy turned off-HUGE COMMUNICATION GAIN

+ Understands the sign for bath time/sit down and wait/Mommy's making your (insert food name)/Find It!/You Got It/Come Here

+ Actively participating in 2-person play

+ Responded to noisemaker then played with it/figure out how to make it "go"

+ Stands up from the floor all on his own

+ Pulls shirt down from his forehead, takes off socks, tries to undress himself-THIS IS GOOD

+ Tried to make wind-up toy repeat its action by banging it on the table

+ Beginning to understand the concept of up and down

+ Discovered "catch me game": We throw toy-he walks to it-picks up toy-turns around-crawls toward us-tries to crawl around and anticipates you catching him-once you catch him-laughs hysterically-we throw toy again and repeat-even figured out he could peak at us from around a corner

AJ is one amazing little boy....

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