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I emailed our state senator today to follow-up to the letter I had already sent.

By two in the afternoon I received a call from the senator's staff stating they had sent my email directly to their legislative liasion. She in turn contacted the appropriate people at Medicaid and said they need to get this done "now". The staff member told me that usually she does not call people back, she usually sends off an email since they receive a lot of these letters. She then told me that the legislative liasion had said it was one of the best, well-written letters she had ever received. We were to have an answer from Medicaid regarding AJ's case by noon on Monday (since it was already Friday afternoon). If we did not have an answer, I was instructed to immediately email this staff member and they would ___________

(you fill in the blank with your choice words!)

Wow! I was so excited. We were finally getting somewhere.

At 4:58pm, I received a call from the legislative liasion herself. She stated she had just been informed that AJ's case received prior-authorization and provider has been informed.


No, I didn't say "wow" to the legislative liasion. She again told me that my letter was one of the best she's ever seen. Wow. That time I did say it outloud. She asked me to call and verify that AJ's provider was informed. By the time we ended our conversation, it was after 5pm. I left messages for the insurance gal and CI administrative assistant asking if they received the pre-auth.

By Monday, we should have a surgery date scheduled...and be well on our way to AJ entering the hearing world.


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