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Attention All Shoppers

Let me be completely honest and say that Christmas shopping for AJ last year SUCKED. There is no other way to describe it. We had just gotten the news about his hearing loss and cerebral palsy. Still, I tromped into Walmart and headed for the toy section. I have never been so horrified. Horrified that everything, I MEAN everything, made NOISE.

I eventually chose a set of wooden blocks and a pop-up toy. As I left the store, I bawled. I had no idea what to get my baby. What do you get a baby who can't hear? I was thrilled when he received Signing Time DVDs, signing flashcards, and a signing match game from some of our family.

Well, this year, I'm EXCITED. That's right, excited to shop for AJ!! His therapists have changed our mode of a good way. Now I look at a toy and immediately analyze as to what skill(s) each toy addresses (ie auditory, gross motor). I am so very relieved that we are now armed with knowledge, which makes this time of year a bit easier for both of us....

ToysRUs has the right idea. I didn't know about this until I read a post from last year on another blog. I wasn't sure if they were doing it again this year, but sure enough, THEY ARE!ToysRUs has a catalog of toys for Differently Abled Kids. They organize the toys by skill, telling you what toy they recommend that addresses mobility vs. a toy that would help fine motor skills. I am SOOOOOOOOO excited!!

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