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Belated Thanks

We hosted Thanksgiving Dinner twice this year. Once on Thursday for my family-then-again on Saturday for Jer's family. No, I am not insane. I actually enjoy hosting Holidays. Both dinners went fabulously well, even though I once again proved that mashed potatoes and I don't do well on Turkey Day. Don't ask me why. Any other time of the year, SURE.

I don't know what it is about the modern world.

(Do you sense a soapbox coming?)

What is it that makes us think we never have enough? That whole premise has been getting under my skin lately. I actually like that Allstate commercial, where they talk about how we've all realized what's really important. Well, I'm one of those people (and its not due to their genius marketing).

I am thankful for our home, the space for our mammoth dogs to run, and the challenge of homeownership.

I am thankful for my son's incredible team. Do you know that saying "It takes a village to raise a child"? In our case, it does. These ladies have been instrumental to AJ's success. Not only have they helped AJ, but they've also helped us by giving us the tools to add to AJ's success.

I am thankful for maturity. With maturity comes a boost in self-confidence and knowledge of one's self. Appreciation for things handed down and other cherished mementos. The understanding of sacrifice. Realizing you truly do have enough that if a sacrifice is needed, you can survive it, comfortably. Maturity brings solid ground.

I am thankful for my loving husband. Who loves me for me despite my recent bad mood spells, lack of interest in cooking during the week, and my new obsession with Twilight. Who makes me laugh every day. Who's passion for his work inspires his patients, co-workers, colleagues in his profession, and his wife. Who works tirelessly to provide for the three of us.

I am thankful for friendships, old and new. For coffee chats, calls/texts I get making sure I'm "ok", and one too many 'ritas.

I am thankful for the invention of the cochlear implant. I am thankful my son heard his Daddy carving the turkey on Thanksgiving. I am thankful my son calms to my voice. I am thankful my son lit up like the Christmas tree when he heard his Dad's voice last night when he came home from a business trip. I am thankful my son said his first vowel sound this week. I am thankful for all that my son's CI has given him.

I am thankful for my own Mom, who is the strongest person I know. She always listens and is always there to tell me things will be "OK" when my fear or doubts kick in. Thanks, Mom.

I am thankful I have the skills to host a Holiday. That over the years I watched, listened, asked questions, and wrote down recipes that meant something to both our families. I am thankful for traditions, both old and new. I am thankful for memories.

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