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Change is in the Air

Yesterday was AJ's transition meeting. All in all, it went well. I am so grateful that AJ has a GREAT therapy team. Not only did they bend their schedules to be here at the last minute, they prepared current reports on AJ, allowing me to present the school district representative with a packet of information.

Now begins AJ's formal evaluations. His current OT, PT, and TOD will do those evaluations, with the school districts staff OT, PT and TOD observing and reviewing their reports. AJ will need a few other evals as well.

As it stands right now, AJ will need the following services:

Physical Therapy (PT)

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Speech & Language Therapy (Done by an SLP-Speech Language Pathologist)

Feeding/Sensory Therapy (Done by SLP)

Teach of the Deaf


Vision Specialist

His IEP meeting will be in June.

AJ's TOD has been encouraging me to write up a "brochure" of AJ. After all, everyone is going to come to this IEP with their own reports, it is only fitting that we have our own report on AJ. Today, she brought me some samples of packets/brochures that were made by other parents of D/HOH kiddos. I am sooooo excited! Everyone knows I love paper...I know I'm weird. As I started flipping through them, I instantly thought I want AJ's to be in color and to be spiral bound. God help the local office supply store clerk that happens to be working the day I bring them all in to be bound, etc.

As I was reading through, I came upon an audiogram. It was a type of audiogram I had never seen before. There were responses as 10dB.

I cried, realizing that my baby boy is closer than ever to hearing. He is closer than ever to having his own audiograms that show results above profound and severe levels. We are so close to being on the other side of the fence.

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