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Creating a Visual Schedule

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

I made this visual schedule/routine a few months ago in an attempt to help AJ understand the routine of our day.

We are just now getting to the point of leaving the calendar up on the door, pulling the activity cards off at the appropriate times, and talking/signing about what we are going to do next. At naptime, I change the cards for our afternoon routine.

Supplies: cardstock (your choice of color and white)

packing tape


laminating sheets

scissors or paper cutter

Velcro pieces

I cut a piece of cardstock in half (length-wise) and laminated each side individually. I then used packing tape to attach them make one long strip. I used velcro pieces on the strip and on the back of each activity card. I created a table grid in Microsoft Word and inserted pictures of AJ doing certain activities, as well as clip art. I wanted to him to get used to seeing a variety of things for art time, therapy days, dinner, etc. After printing the grid of cards, I cut each card to size BEFORE I laminated them. The laminator I have uses sheets that open on one end so you can arrange your pieces and then close it and send it through the machine.


1) Use a Scotch brand removable sticky strip or painters tape to adhere without damaging the surface.

2) Use a dollar store fabric pencil case to store extra cards. Hang the pouch next to the schedule with a Scotch brand removable hook.

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