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Day 60

Beware: I have an odd sense of humor today....

Hm. I am totally convinced that our state insurance works with the Guatemalan government. They seem to be on the same time schedule....

Would it surprise you that I have already contacted our CI program insurance gal to "remind" her that today is Day 60? While I can't, she can call the state and find out what's going on with his case approval being delayed. So help me if they tell us we've been sitting on someone's desk for months approved, but not moved,(happened with AJ's adoption), I'm gonna scream, have a drink, and then freakin' laugh.

I am constantly reminded that the state implemented a new comptuer system, and that they've been slow in general. That's all fine and bananas, but I really don't care :) How's that for blunt? I think (and forgive my soapbox here) that we have been all too patient up to this point. So, I'm sorta done with the whole, "let's wait and see gig." The poor CI gal is going to be so sick of me. Oh well. If it gets AJ what needs, then fine. Don't mess with Mama Bear today! Grrrrrrrrrrr.

On the homefront, AJ had his 6 month follow-up with his CP doctor. His PT always comes with us to the appointments. It seems that my kiddo likes to live on the edge. When he walks barefoot, he has a very wide base (walks with legs far apart) and feet in. When he wears his shoes and SMO's, he struggles to walk and scissors (sort of crosses feet while walking).

These two issues are one in the same. When he walks w/out shoes, he's doing it the easy way. When he's walking with shoes, it makes it more difficult because they keep his feet in proper alignment. He's using his adduction a bit too much and his PT was concerned as to whether or not it was time for botox or some other treatment. We all discussed and all agreed to watch and see what he does, with another follow-up in 6 months. He's right on the 'edge' of, we could do this or that, or we could wait and see what he does. We considered a TheraTog, additional taping, and the botox. We all agreed that if we give him some "help", he'll take advantage of it and use it as a crutch.

His CP doc was very impressed that he was walking and stood up on the exam table all on his own. He was NOT doing these things 6 months ago when we initially saw her. Tip: if your child is being asked to walk and show off his or her skills and doesn't seem to be cooperating, just open the exam room door. He was GONE! She was quick to tell me that yes he is a bit floppy still, and flexible, but flexible is a good thing. It is easier to help muscles that will move than muscles that won't. She was a bit surprised and dare I say upset that he hadn't had his surgeries (ear or eyes) yet. She encouraged me to push both as much as we could. (Insert smile and nod from Mom-enough said). She is sure his balance issues are in part to his hearing loss and that his depth perception is not great due to his eyes.... I wonder if we went and got a Mr. PotatoHead if those parts would just fit on AJ? :)

AJ fell alseep on the way home from that visit and took a very long nap once we got home. Although he is feeling better, and thinks he's king of the mountain, he's still sick and it wore him out. During bedtime last night we had our first round of: Mommy puts me to bed, I get out of bed (or kneel at the foot of my bed) and close my door all the way, then get out of bed and play on floor. Mommy puts me back bed. Repeat 10x. If he could talk, I swear he'd come up with some hilarious comment where I'd have to put on the "stern" Mommy face and not laugh. Something like, "Mom, this is more fun than playing Twister!" Groan.

Come 'on Day 60! Show me the approval!!

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