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Dr. Bob

Fears Relieved....

We had AJ's psychological evaluation this afternoon. It went well. A lot of nerves, anxiousness, and fear...all for nothing. Dr. Bob greeted us by saying, "This must be the famous AJ." We sat and talked for a few minutes (while AJ acclimated to the room).

Dr. Bob asked us:

  • Are all of your questions being answered by the CI Team? Yes

  • Do you have any concerns regarding the surgery? No

  • Are you absolutely sure this is what you want to do? YES!

Dr. Bob then did the "testing" for AJ:

  • Presented a "ferris wheel" toy AJ had to spin 4 times to prove the skill

  • Presented a rattle that's "top" was a ball that spun (think arcade golf-use the rolley-ball to "swing"). He had to spin it to find both sides and play for 30 seconds

  • Presented AJ with "bear popper" toy. AJ had to push down with his hand to make the bears spin

  • Presented AJ with wire maze toy on a string. Dr. Bob dangled it/hid behind paper/AJ had to track it and then was rewarded with the toy.

  • Presented AJ with small plastic bear figurine and a nesting cup. AJ picked up bear. Dr. Bob placed bear under cup and AJ retrieved it.

  • Presented AJ with 2 nesting cups and bear. Bear was placed under one cup. AJ found it on 1st trial. 2nd trial he searched under both cups. Object permanence skill was proved.

  • Presented AJ with small bear inside a clear plastic rectangle toy that had "shelves" inside of it. AJ was not able to figure out how to get the bear out (this was expected).

  • Presented AJ with 3 small wooden blocks which he was to stack. He grabbed them, but did not stack (this was expected as well).

AJ has delays. This is no secret. Whether his delay will continue or be permanent remains to be seen. As always, we received the answer, "We'll wait and see what he does." This time, in regards to the implants. He's making gains and that show us he's not "not learning" but he's also not "learning @ 100%", he's somewhere in the middle. We did hear something that we have not heard, I think EVER, which gave us some piece of mind. There are certain characteristics AJ displays that Dr. Bob told us, are "typical 2 year old."

We asked if Dr. Bob thought AJ (individually) would benefit from an implant. He told us he sees several good things:

  • AJ is alert.

  • AJ is inquisitive

  • AJ aware/participating in his surrounds

  • AJ is making progress.

No one knows how he will do with an implant, but we have good reason to believe they will only help him! We will follow-up with Dr. Bob in one year. After Dr. Bob we had a brief meeting with a social worker. One hurdle down, a few to go!

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