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Duplicate Services

A few months ago we and AJ's early education teacher (EET) began talking about getting AJ into one of the toddler groups at CDHH (Center for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing). They have two groups: Total Communication and Auditory Oral. I took him to observe the group...let's just say it didn't go so well. We agreed that we'd do another informal evaluation of his skills at our next session. We did so and determined he wasn't quite ready for the group just yet.

Over the last few weeks, AJ's skills have just exploded. Since AJ's Grandma Cheri and I are taking a sign language class at CDHH once a week, I've been able to bring him early and play in the toddler group room/observation room so he becomes acclimated to a new space. After about 15 minutes, I take him out to the parking lot and AJ's Dad takes him home while I stay for sign class. AJ has adjusted well and doesn't mind being in the rooms at all-he even plays.

At first we were not so sure about the group...while it would be great thing for is costly. AJ's EET explained that CDHH is working with the Birth to Three program to cover the toddler groups. Our eyes opened a bit more, and we thought just maybe the group would be a possiblity.

Today, his EET informed me that even if the parents pay for the groups themselves, Birth to Three will most likely stop providing an EET for AJ. They will say he's receiving duplicate services. Wait a minute...even if we pay for it? So if I take him to a library group or playdate, you're going to tell me he can't have Bto3 services because its a duplicate service? Hello, my child is deaf. He can't hear library time...he needs to be around his peers, around other children that sign. Ugh! Sometimes, this merry-go-round, for lack of a better word, SUCKS. AJ's EET is setting up a meeting to discuss this issue, again, with Birth to Three. Let's hope the meeting goes well...

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