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"Good Job Buddy!"

This phrase is something we hear ourselves saying quite often these days....

Here is a quick list of gains AJ's made in the last few days:

+ Imitated Mommy making the "ooo" shape with her mouth-twice

+ Walked from the chaise of our couch to the tv (10 feet) without falling

+ Looked at Mommy for help six times in a row when wanting his frog toy turned on again

+ After Mommy signs "more", she puts her hands on her lap. AJ picks up one of Mommy's hands, then the other, and then brings them up and pushes them together

+ Looks down at his hand immediately after or during someone signing to him

+ Stands up on his own from the floor with ease...and then walks

+ Free stands for over 2 minutes

+ INCREASED vocalizations A LOT!

+ Stands up, walks, falls or squats to lower himself down to the floor, the gets up and repeats

+ Getting better at pushing buttons to turn things on

+ Less temper tantrums when vacuum stops/fridge toy stops/etc. Understands signs for "bye bye, all done" when Mommy or Daddy stops/puts away a toy

+ Sucessfully finds 2-3 toys in box of foam peanuts

+ Put animals "IN" container with his OT today

+ Removed all 12 pieces of chunky puzzle with pegs with his OT today

+ Puts arms out/up for putting shirt on

+ Beginning to understand offering a leg for putting pants on

+ Puts feet up for socks when laying down

+ Consistently pulls shirt off or on when around his neck, as appropriate

+ Increased lateralization of tongue toward left side of mouth

+ Takes/eats dry cereal every day as his "appetizer" before breakfast

+ Ate all three meals in one day with a spoon or fork (no paws)

+ Learning to throw

+ Tolerating hand-taping for 10 minutes

+ Able to corral a medium ball when rolled to him (comes before catching)

+ Grabs the back of the dogs leg so he "stays" while wagging his tail for AJ's enjoyment

+ Climbs into the tub with help of Mommy or Daddy and step-stool

+ Heard drum & cowbell upon first presentation during last EE session

+ Watching the door & the person when someone comes in our goes out

+ Completely comfortable in speech therapy room

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