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I'm sorry, what did you SAY?!

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Yesterday AJ had his 5th Booth Testing. Yep, he's a pro now. We did right ear un-aided, which was interesting. His audiologist took the ear mold off his hearing aid and placed it in his ear. Then she attached a small clear wire/tube that was connected to a small box that was clipped to the back of his shirt. This time, instead of sending sounds into the booth via the speakers in the corners, she put the sound directly in his ears.

It was very interesting! When he heard something, he'd scrunch his neck to his shoulder (think: bee buzzing by your ear reaction). He also did some great head turns.

We managed to finish the entire right ear (amazing!) and then went over the audiogram, as usual. Since AJ's ABR test showed no response in either ear, we were anxious to see where he really hears without the aids. AJ heard speech at 105dB. In short, it means without his aids he hears nothing, except maybe a jet engine right next him. This is no surprise.

What his audiologist said next completely floored me. She stated, "The cochlear implant team (CI Team) had met yesterday and discussed AJ's case. With the right ear tested, we now have enough to submit to insurance. We will be submitting for the right ear first. Since that is his strongest/better motor skills side. We will submit before you see Dr. W on November 7th. It usually takes 30-60 days for pre-authorization. As soon as we receive PA, we'll schedule surgery."


Seriously, I am still in shock. We were not expecting that news yesterday-BUT WE'LL TAKE IT! We're hoping for 45 days or less. Well let everyone know as soon as we know!!!

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