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Loose hips sink AJs

Over the last week or so, AJ has had a huge growth spurt. He's taller, I'm pretty sure that there has been some development growth & brain growth...and oh yes, those teeth are coming through again. We are convinced this child has extra teeth.

AJ suddenly stopped walking. If we facilitated walking, he tried to walk with only the top half of his body. Doesn't work so well! His left hand began to fist/clench again. Bad habits/self-stimulation started resurfacing. He's stiff. His hamstrings are ridiculously tight. Translation: He's growing.

His PT came a day later and said, "AJ lost his hips. He has no idea where his hips are." After she told me it would probably last a week or so, I asked if this was normal. She answered that most kids tend to be a bit uncoordinated when they've had a growth spurt. She gave me the best analogy: "For AJ, an inch of growth is like walking in 4-inch heels when you haven't done it in two years. It takes a while to get used them and walk properly, doesn't it?!"

Our homework: Knock him over from side to side while he's crawling.

Rephrase: Gently push him into side-sitting from crawling position so that he has to come back up-using his hips.

She was right, he started standing back up and walking again earlier this week. He's even crawling up and learning to walk down our make-shift stairs made out of his step-stool, a diaper box, and the couch!


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