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Nice Goes a Long Way

It is no secret that getting Speech/Feeding Therapy services for AJ has been extremely difficult. At one point, we were told that he does not have issues and "Mom" should be able to do these things at home. What?! It was so nice of them to diagnose via phone without a medical degree, wasn't it? :)

Last week, we were granted four more sessions (which a month's worth) from our insurance authorization "person"-lets call this person "IAP". We've been given a few visits here, a few there. The IAP requested all of AJ's Speech Therapist's (SLP) notes from September and October. We were also informed that the IAP received a clinic note from AJ's CP doctor, which somehow mentioned AJ does not seem to have feeding issues. It was vague, but enough for the IAP to jump all over it. What his CP doctor meant was that he does not have all of the traditional CP feeding issues. He's eating orally, does not drool excessively, etc. Well, the IAP ran with it.

AJ's SLP suggested that we get the last clinic note from AJ's GI doctor and submit that to the IAP. I requested the last note from the nurse that works with AJ's GI doctor. I received it last Friday. Talk about record time. Attached to the note was a post-it. It read: "Here is the last clinic visit note. If the insurance company still balks and feels a note from Dr. G about the need for therapy would be beneficial, let us know."


I immediately faxed the note to AJ's SLP and got her in touch with the GI nurse. As of today, a letter is being drafted by Dr. G and will be sent to me by the end of the week.

NICE is NICE, isn't it? :)

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