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Reflection: Part 3

Thursday, March 1st, 2007 The Day We Met

Today will be one of the happiest days in my life. We are finally going to meet you. Mommy is crying already. We arrived yesterday afternoon and have been in quite a daze. We received a positive DNA match on February 6th and booked our first visit trip as soon as we could. Here we are!

We will become three today. Even if that means we have to leave you here for a little while-you still warm my heart like nothing in this world can.

We are staying at a local hotel that is very adoption friendly. There is a beautiful upstairs porch which Mommy is sitting on and writing to you. We will be picked up at around 10am, along with Brandon's parents to come and see you. Pick you up, and hold you for the first time...

...We were picked up at 10:00am on Thursday. Roberto took us first as he didn't have enough room in his Jeep for all of us. Roberto dropped us off; we went into the hogar and asked one of the nineras for Sylvia, your caregiver. She greeted us upstairs and went to get you. You were sleeping in your room in your bassinet.

Mommy can't even explain how we felt when we saw you. You are so tiny! Sylvia put you in Mommy's arms and I melted. You were a little groggy-but still Mr. Happy Pants :) Mommy put you in Daddy's arms too and guess what? His heart melted too!

We took pictures with you and then went and took pictures of your amigos. All of their Mommy's and Daddy's are waiting for them too!

Sylvia gave us a bag with diapers, formula, bottles, cereal, jarred apples, clothes, a bowl, spoon, and your schedule.

We had wondered what happened to Roberto, turns out he went back to the hotel to pick up Brandon's parents and bring them to the hogar too. We all piled into the Jeep and headed back to the hotel.

We took you up to our room so we could get to know you better. You had lots of fun with Daddy. We fed you your first bottle and then we went downstairs for lunch. We came back upstairs and you fell asleep in Mommy's arms for the first time. You were the most precious sight. You seemed to be teething, so we introduced the pacifier. Someone is in L-O-V-E. We wrapped you in the blanket Drama gave us and just starred at you in awe. We walked around outside in the courtyard for a while and then met up with some other parents visiting their children. We put you in the Snuggli with loved it!

Mommy took you upstairs to put on your leg cream and put you in your pajamas-which were a size Newborn!! You fell asleep downstairs at around 6pm. Grandma Nutt called shortly after dinner and we took the call in the dining area :) We brought you upstairs and put you in your pack n' play. You slept until 1:30am and then woke up. Mommy gave you a bottle and you went right back to sleep....

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