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Reflection: Part 5

When we first started our adoption journey we had the idea to make a Quilt of Love. 'Drama found the perfect white all-purpose fabric to use. Aunt Kathy helped me cut the squares. We sent a square to each of our family and friends, asking them to design it to represent their family or themselves and to welcome our baby boy or girl.

We received quite the response! We had 70 squares!! When all of the squares were ready, Grandma and Grandpa Nutt were kind enough to sew the squares together, back it, and bind it. The goal had been to have it finished by my baby shower, which it was! The quilt was displayed at the baby shower. We hung it in AJ's closet until our pick-up trip. It is the very first blanket he laid on as our son (officially) and its what we wrapped him and carried him off the plane in. It was an awesome way for us to welcome our son into all of our lives.

AJ's Godmothers holding his Quilt of Love

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