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Reflection: Part 6

The months dragged on and we still didn't have approval from PGN. Do some of you remember those infamous three letters?! PGN (Procuradoria General de la Nacion) is the Attorney General of Guatemala. They have the final say in all adoption cases. May creeped up on us and we made the decision that one of us should make another visit trip for AJ's 1st Birthday in June. Jeremy was not able to take the time off of work for another visit plus the pick-up trip in the future. We asked my Mom to accompany me on this visit-she had her passport and time off of work in no time! Before we left we decided to ask the orphange if there was anything we could bring down that they needed. We sent out an email to our family and friends, putting out the call for needed items. We collected a lot of cold medicine, infant pain relievers, triple antibiotic ointment, bandaids, first aid kits, etc. and had enough to pack an entire suitcase!

Our agency also asked us to take two duffels full of teddy bears and gifts for waiting children from their families.

As a waiting family, you were allowed to fill one gallon size zip lock bag with small items for your child. Here is the contents of the bag we sent to AJ early in our'd be amazed what you can fit a bag that size if you are creative and work at it!

We were able to visit with AJ for three days. We arrived on a Sunday, had AJ Monday through Wednesday, and then flew home Thursday.

Here is another excerpt from my journal:

Tuesday, June 26, 2007 Our 2nd Visit Trip

Mommy's heart is breaking as she's writing this...


Let me start from the beginning.... We entered PGN on April 30th so we were 7 weeks in when 'Drama and I arrived on Sunday. What a long trip! We picked you up at 10:00am on Monday morning and you just looked so cute...still small as ever! Sylvia was holding you when we arrived.

When we got you back to the hotel, we started noticing things. You have begun to show signs of orphanage life. This really bothered Mommy.

I was not able to feed you unless I laid you on your back and held the bottle as if it was propped. You also scratch and pull your hair and skin and bang your head in the crib. Self-soothing is what we grown-ups call it. You still aren't eating solids. You weren't the first time we visited either. We had hoped you would be on solid foods. This is a major factor as to why you are so tiny. You were sick again too. I snapped the cutest picture of you and 'Drama, both in your pajamas.

Today was a better day for you. you allowed me to feed you as long as I fed you on the couch outside our room. I don't know why. You were more content today.

Still, Mommy's heart was breaking to get you home. Mommy was missing Daddy and wishing he could be with us. 'Drama was worried and missing your 'Drampa at home. Mommy and 'Drama ordered dinner to our room. Mommy went to the internet room to get cold water out of the water cooler and decided to check her email.


Never thought we'd hear/type/write/say those words! Carmen emailed us at 2:46pm although I didn't check my email until 7:00pm! Mommy tried to calmly walk across the dining area to our room (which was difficult as I wanted to run/jump/skip!). I busted in the door and told 'Drama, "We're out of PGN! AJ is officially ours!" We cried and laughed and looked down at you in your pack n' play and felt this wave of relief that was so long overdue.

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