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The day after Thanksgiving I randomly emailed someone at our city hall. I knew the office was closed, but still wanted to make this particular request, so I browsed the different departments and chose what I though was most applicable. I requested information on how to have "Deaf Child" street signs placed on our road. After the weekend I received an email back, stating someone within the department must "refer" the placement of the signs. This gentleman was kind enough to do so and stated the signs would be placed as soon as their manufacturer could produce them.

Less than two weeks later, they were up. Our road is the old two-lane highway. Behind our house now runs the new-four lane highway. We're out in the country, so think county road, not concrete rush-hour. Most people that FLY down our road don't bother to notice the 35 mph speed limit sign much less the "Children Playing" sign. We have no sidewalks, and our driveway goes right to the road. I am happy to say that I have seen a decrease in frequent flyers lately. I am hoping our signs are causing people to be a bit more aware of their speed. Although, it does make me a bit sad to think that it takes a large yellow sign with words to make a person more aware.

Why put the signs up if he's getting a cochlear implant? Because the implant does not change the fact that he is deaf. He will be ready to go out and play in the driveway and the yard this spring/summer. We want him to be as safe as possible. He can't hear Daddy say "Come Here" or the sound of truck barreling down the road. Even with a CI, if the coil slips off his head while he's playing, he won't be able to hear. In addition to the signs, I think we'll be getting some type of mesh fence/safety cones etc. to put at the end of the driveway. We saw some at ToysRUs and thought they were a great idea. Safety is a good thing.

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