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T'was the night before surgery...again

There is simply not enough time to backtrack and explain the last few weeks, or months, or whatever time period has lapsed since my last "meaty" post.

In short, AJ's 2nd cochlear implant surgery/device (left ear) was approved in record time. Two weeks! Not only that, it was approved by our primary and secondary insurances, which was a huge surprise and a HUGE blessing.

AJ's surgery is tomorrow. Another surprise. We were scheduled much earlier than we had expected. Everything has happened at a very rapid pace, which is good...yet crazy!. Jer and I feel like we are riding a rollercoaster, hanging on for dear life. This is all rickity, unpredictable, unstoppable mixed with one hell of a rush.

AJ's annual IEP is next week. No pressure, right? Trying to focus on the both things has been challenging, but we're doing our best.

I just watched the video we made from AJ's 1st cochlear implant surgery. Amazing. He's grown into such a little boy, such a little man. A little man who recently (the last few days) finally decided to communicate with us. A little man who continues to defy the odds. We are so proud of him.

AJ's activation of this ear will be on June 8th (our 9th wedding anniversary). Having bilateral implants will give him the opportunity to localize sound (stand on the curb and tell which direct a car is coming from) and to hear in noise (he can't hear jack in a noisy restaurant). We'll have double the equipment. A double critter clip. Double the audiological appointments. Double the miracle of our deaf son being able to hear.

Tomorrow will happen. We will load up, drive to the hospital with the Grandmas following us. We'll check-in, put on the silly ridiculously tiny hospital gown, and ooh and ahh at the blood pressure/PulseOx machine with its fun red lights. We'll give him the joy juice and walk him down to surgery holding. We'll mark his left ear and kiss him as we hand him to the OR nurse who no doubt, will probably be the same one he's had every time he's been there. We'll know he's in good hands and fill our tummies with breakfast, as we probably won't eat again until late at night. We'll sit in the cafe until I have that "feeling" that its time to head back up the dreary, very non-comforting waiting room. We'll do what we do because....that's what we do.

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