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The What and Where

I've found that people are often confused when I talk about the soundbooth or light boxes.

The soundbooth is where AJ, myself, and usually his SLP are when we test AJ's hearing. Most children sit on a parent's lap, in a highchair, or on a chair. We use the yoga ball for AJ because the slight movement keeps him focused and happy. (If you look closely at the booth picture you can see the top of the green ball we use on the floor). AJ is usually turned at a slight angle to help him turn easier when he hears sound. On opposite corners there are speakers and the light boxes. AJ turns to the speaker when he hears sound (or is supposed to) and his efforts are reinforced by the light boxes. AJ's audiologist sits on the outside of the booth and uses special equipment to produce the sounds that come out of the speakers. She also uses her voice, which comes through the speakers. There is a window in the booth so she can see AJ. She's also able to converse with myself and AJ's SLP through the speakers, if need be.

The light boxes have lights that go around the edge of the box and also a light up toy on the inside that usually moves left to right. The booth we usually use has a Winnie the Pooh and a duck. Occassionally we use the panda, but he's not as exciting.

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