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Yelling at the Dog

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Well, normally we wouldn't encourage such a thing....

For the last few days I've been suspicious. While sitting in the highchair, eating of course, our dogs, (Yellow Lab/Great Dane Mix and German Shepherd) can always be found close by. On Wedneday, it was official. AJ yelled at the dog! Sunny, our yellow lab, walked past his tray and AJ let out a big "Ehhhhhhhh!" He didn't want him by his tray! He did the same thing to Rocky, our shepherd this morning. Oh my. I guess they'll have to resort to eating dog food again...

This is great in AJ's world of communication, because he's figured out another way (besides fussy or throwing a tantrum) to express his feelings. He yelled with purpose!!

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