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Words and Phrases

Today we made an official list of the words and phrases AJ recongnizes being signed to him. While he is still not signing on his own, it is amazing that after only 9 months of exposure to "A" language (sign), he's understanding so many words. He's also loves to watch you talk. He gets quite a kick out of his Early Education Teacher when she signs while she's talking.

Go AJ!


No Eat More Drink Cup Milk Juice Banana Noodles Apple Play Diaper Change Car Ride Push Ball Bounce Wait On Off Light Shoes Socks Book Look Tray Floor Egg Cereal Walk Funny Spoon Fork Wash Sit


"Change Diaper" "No Rocking" "Time to Sleep" "Come on or Come Here" "Calm Down" "Good Boy" "Eat with your spoon" "All Done"

Emerging words and phrases: His name-AJ Color Toy Dog Cat Bed Smile Laugh Mommy Daddy Grandma Grandpa Potato Crawl Frog Table Out In Bath Body-Parts

"Go get _____." "Good Morning AJ?" "Where's Daddy?" "Where's Mommy?" "Where's doggy?" "Where's kitty?" "Do you want _____ ?" "What do you see?"

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