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Worlds, Choices, Difference


Well, we've been exposed to a lot of different worlds since AJ came into our lives. We now can add the world of blogging to our list. I've had my own business blog for a while now, but with Sir AJ, I haven't devoted much time to it. Early in the process, we were told to "stay away from blogs." Now 1) I had no idea blogs regarding children with cochlear implants existed and 2) naturally the "banning" of such activities peaked my interest. For the last few weeks we have read multiple blogs written by families with children who have CIs. What a wonderful world!!

We have learned much. Learned from the human perspective...which is something we have longed for since they said, "Your son is deaf." You can give me all the facts/figures/charts you want, but at the end of the day, as a human, woman, and mother, I want more than that. Give me a should to lean on, or in this case, a cyber shoulder to lean on. Someone who knows what its like to hear those words and live life from that moment on. Give me comfort in knowing that I am not the only person wondering why this is taking so long or fighting insurance. We are not the only ones who have rough days. Give me strength in knowing there is a light at the end of this dark, dark tunnel. These blogs helped encourage AJ's Dad and I to begin this blog. For any of the families who's blogs I have read, and happen to read ours...Thank You.

Choices. Sometimes choices are overwhelming. Anyone that knows me knows that I love paper. I think I was born to be a paper-pusher. However, the one thing we cannot wrap our head around is the 3 different cochlear implants we are to choose from. We brought all three information packets home 2 months ago. We began reading through them right after our appointment. We discussed which ones peaked our intrested at first glance. Since, we have not been able to make a decision. Don't get me wrong, we are ever thankful that this whole process is a choice and that we even have "hardware" options. However, right now, OUR processors are on overload. We'll revisit the information again this week.

For family and friends that are coming over from AJ's previous website: You will notice that this blog has an entirely different vibe/setup. AJ's Dad and I found ourselves sugar-coating things when posting an update. While we do not intend this to be a negative space, we do want to be honest. This blog is meant for us to share our feelings, record AJ's journey to CIs and beyond, record AJ's progress with his other health/development issues, and to help other CI and/or CP families. Thanks for following our little man!

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